Seattle Indivisible to Rally Around #ResistTrumpTuesday

Seattle Indivisible co-founder Iga Kozlowska addresses the crowd at a #ResistTrumpTuesday rally. photo by Stan Raucher

Seattle Indivisible co-founder Iga Kozlowska addresses the crowd at a #ResistTrumpTuesday rally.
photo by Stan Raucher

Seattle Indivisible is rallying local voters on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 11 AM outside the offices of Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. They will be urging their senators to halt Donald Trump’s Cabinet and Supreme Court nominees. This is the group’s third rally in as many weeks at the Senator’s offices.

WHAT: #ResistTrumpTuesday Rally, hosted by Seattle Indivisible

WHERE: Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, 915 Second Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017, 11:00 AM


More than 100 people joined each of Seattle Indivisible’s previous rallies on Jan. 24th and Jan. 31st. This is the group’s third rally since Trump’s inauguration. After each rally, staff members from Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell’s offices met with representatives from the group and hundreds of rally attendees to discuss how they can better represent their constituents’ values.

“Our rallies and other actions are sending a clear message to our Senators, both of whom cast votes against Trump’s #SwampCabinet nominees last week,” says Iga Kozlowska, Seattle Indivisible co-founder and event host. “This week, we are demanding that they pledge to filibuster Trump’s illegitimate pick for the Supreme Court until his illegal Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the country is reversed."

"Seattle Indivisible and allied groups across Washington and the United States are participating in the #ResistTrumpTuesday rallies to let our Members of Congress know that we will accept nothing less than bold, uncompromising resistance to the Trump agenda," says Seattle Indivisible co-founder Aaron Brethorst. “We will keep this pressure up for his entire four-year term and will actively campaign against any of our representatives who ignore the demands of we the people, their constituents.”

Seattle Indivisible was founded as a Facebook group on Jan. 1, 2017 by two people. It grew to nearly 3,000 members in less than a month. Currently, more than 100 people are volunteering to build the framework of a sustainable and organized resistance to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda. We are targeting Members of Congress (MoC) representing Washington’s 7th and 9th Districts with the consistent and simple message that we, their constituents, expect them to say “No!” to the Trump Agenda as loudly and as often as possible.

This Tuesday’s rally is one of dozens planned nationwide by Indivisible and

Last week's #ResistTrumpTuesday event brought together more than 15,000 people at more than 200 events nationwide to let senators of both parties know that Trump's #SwampCabinet must be opposed.