Last Tuesday Ezra Levin, the co-founder of the Indivisible movement and one of the authors of the Indivisible Guide, stopped by Town Hall in Seattle to meet with local Indivisible groups and the general public. He spoke briefly about the state of the movement, and took a lot of questions from the audience. He had some great insights and recommendations for us Seattlites, and I took notes on some of the things he told us. Here are the highlights:

  • Ezra observed that we need to put in an extra effort to increase diversity and 'pass the mic' to those most affected by Trump's agenda.
  • Indivisible HQ is currently working on building a platform to connect Indivisible groups so that blue districts can help red districts.
  • Indivisible should focus on its core mission of pressuring Congress while also being a partner and ally to all local and progressive advocacy groups. Encourage members to be active locally.
  • Indivisible is not a part of the Democratic Party. This gives us leverage to pressure all parts of government. It also pulls in independents and disaffected republicans.
  • We are focused right now on defensive legislative advocacy, not elections. But our actions will energize the electorate
  • Don't lie about what district you are from. We are already accused of being AstroTurf and paid protesters, and it is not necessary because there are Indivisible groups in every district in the country!
  • On the messaging of Resistance: we are not ‘obstructing,’ we are ‘protecting’ American values and American people.
  • On prioritization: the best way to make an impact is to react directly to whatever is Congress is doing NOW. An attack on one of our issue constituencies is an attack on all.
  • Q: ‘Should Democrats work with Trump on anything?’ Ezra’s answer: That's not even an issue right now, they have made zero overtures to Democrats.
  • On pressuring Murray and Cantwell: A little negative press for our Democratic senators is fine as long as it successfully changes their behavior. Positive feedback is also important.
  • One of the final questioners mentioned Spanish language outreach. Are we doing any of this? The questioner might start a Latino Indivisible group in Seattle.
  • Indivisible HQ sends news and pics to national press that they get from us. We should let them know what we are up to.