Find Your Lane

Barb Elliott reporting in on the Find Your Lane Activism Fair.

On Wednesday, March 15th, I attended the Activism Engagement Fair organized by The purpose was to gather various activism organizations under one roof where attendees could shop for a group that aligns best with their passion.

The event had representatives from a wide range of groups, from established ones such as the 43rd District Democrats to Alleycat Acres, whose mission is to turn unused urban spaces into farms that can feed volunteers. Lots to choose from! Twenty-seven organizations were there. For a complete list of the groups who had booths see

The event venue was Metropolis. They donated the space, which was perfect for the situation. The event organizers coordinated people to  serve wine, beer, juice etc., for $5, with money going back into the organizations. The spirit was lively and the event was well attended. I didn't count, but I'd say a couple hundred people were there.

We heard from several speakers, including longtime city Councilman Nick Licata, who urged attendees to find their group, dive in, and have fun. We also heard from Randy Engstrom, Director of Seattle's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, who encouraged us to consider local engagement as a lane. He mentioned that Seattle has an unusually vast array of commissions for those of us who want to make a difference here at home. He also pointed out that what we do here can have far-reaching impact. He says Seattle is an excellent place to make a successful program that can then be leveraged by less resource-rich areas.