In order to make it easier for our broader membership to create and lead Seattle Indivisible sponsored events, Seattle Indivisible just rolled out a new tool called the Seattle Indivisible Project Pipeline. It works like this—any Seattle Indivisible member with a creative idea for a specific action we can take as an organization that will effectively further our 2018 project priorities should submit that idea on the Google form below. The ideas you submit will be reviewed by the Strategy Team, and you may be asked to come to a short meeting to answer questions about your idea and the resources you will need to carry it out. If approved by the Strategy Team, then you’re off to the races in planning your action with the full help and support of Seattle Indivisible (e.g., technical, PR and possible limited financial support).

Who is the Strategy Team and what are these 2018 project priorities you may be asking? Glad you asked. Seattle Indivisible is a non-profit corporation with a 9-member Board of Directors. While we are proud of the success Seattle Indivisible has enjoyed in the last year—those of us on the Board realize that the key to the success of our amazing organization is our broad, energized, concerned, persistent membership that has tirelessly fought the Trump agenda for more than a year now. So now that we have been up and running for a year and have some of the needed systems in place, we no longer want these 9 people alone to be making so many key decision or doing so much of the project organizing. So the Board recently invited a group of some of our most active members to join the Board in forming a Strategy Team that meets twice a month.* The Strategy Team was tasked with developing a focused list of project priorities for 2018 (in addition to our electoral goals leading up to the midterm elections), and to set up a project pipeline to make it easier for our greater membership to take a lead role in creating and executing direct action designed to further our 2018 goals.  In addition to our midterm electoral priorities, our top tier project priorities for 2018 are the following:

  • Continue to hold our federal Members of Congress accountable to use their votes in Congress to block the regressive Trump/GOP agenda

  • Magnify Indivisible’s voice by organizing actions urged by Indivisible National (when we agree with them)

  • Partner on projects with allies in support of vulnerable/marginalized communities most threatened by the Trump/GOP agenda

  • Advocate for immigrants, with an emphasis on the safety and protection of immigrant communities targeted by Trump/GOP

  • Follow through on Seattle Indivisible’s commitment to see I-940 (De-Escalate WA) become law [Mission accomplished--Yay!]

  • Protect the Affordable Care Act and expand healthcare access

These and additional 2018 priorities are set out more completely  in the Project Pipeline Google Form below.

Wondering why we have project priorities and how they were chosen? While we have seen, heard and sponsored some really exciting projects and actions over the past year, we have concluded that as a more mature organization we would be even more effective if we focused on a few priorities within our mission and then dig deeper. We want to establish meaningful partnerships with other organizations representing vulnerable populations and we want the public to hear a consistent message from us through all of our platforms—Tuesday rallies, weekly meetings, Facebook, website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and through our actions. It is our hope that if we really focus, our message will penetrate and our allies will know that we are committed for the long haul—not just for a single project. The project priorities for the rest of 2018 are listed on the Google form below. They were chosen in an effort to continue what is working in our existing successful platforms, but to substantively focus on some of the most vulnerable populations (e.g., immigrants) and greatest public needs (e.g., healthcare) where we believe we could help make a real difference.

Please, share your best and brightest ideas by filling out a project proposal by clicking on Seattle Indivisible Project Proposal below and help spread the word to the rest of our members.

Seattle Indivisible Project Proposal

With Our Enduring Appreciation,

Seattle Indivisible Strategy Team

*If you are interested in joining our Strategy Team, let us know by emailing or talk to us at our weekly Resist Trump Tuesday rallies or Tuesday evening meetings.