Seattle Indivisible's Branding Guidelines

A toolkit to spread the brand and grow the movement

As an Indivisible group, an important part of our work is earning positive media coverage. Although we are a grassroots movement, we want to build a brand that is powerful and that conveys strength and organization. You can help the movement gain exposure, inspire membership, and show we’re a powerful, organized force by incorporating these brand symbols in your signs, posters, websites, and handout material. 

We appreciate you making use of this guide, whether you're making signage to support the movement, or starting your own Indivisible group. We know style guides can be a bore. However, your support will go a long way to achieving a consistently credible look and feel, which will bring tangible value to our collective efforts. We welcome you to make use of this brand and be its best stewards.

Thank you for all you do!

Download links to our branding assets are available at the end of this guide.

Basic usage


Use INDIVISIBLE Red and Indivisible Blue

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.57.18 PM.png

Indivisible Blue



RGB: 0,33,71

CMYK: 100, 87, 32, 51

HEX: #002147

Indivisible Red


PMS: 193C

RGB: 187, 19, 62

CMYK: 8, 100, 77, 1

HEX: #88133E


Background - general


Protest Signage

DO: get creative with the hand or word-bar of the logo in terms of scale and usage. 

DON’T: stretch the logo out of proportion if you change the size.

DO: use the vector logo with a vector app for large print-outs.

DO: combine the logo with your own unique messaging that promotes the Indivisible mission.


Digital Media

DON’T: make the logo huge, or too small to read.

DO: work within a range of medium and small.

If the logo is the only element, such as on a website’s home page, it should be medium in size (see SI home page). On interior pages, or if the logo is secondary or supportive to other layout elements, it should be small.


Background - website

The Indivisible brand is about a) working locally with b) passionate citizens and c) inspiring hope. With that in mind, we suggest representing hope with a clearing sky, which might be combined with rallying citizens, local landscapes, or locations that are symbolic of your local government.


layout Proximity

DO: give the logo plenty of breathing room.

DON’T: crowd it against other elements.


Messages & Promos

DO: have a graphic expert brand static media posts using Indivisible red as shown. The URL of the parent website, or your own site, can be placed at the lower left using Indivisible blue (see color specs).

DO: keep things simple, clean, and uncrowded.

DON’T: exaggerate proportions or add your own group name.

Make your own group logo with precision

DO: please seek out someone with graphic design experience and tools to execute this important step, if at all possible. Consider it an opportunity to partner with someone new. If you can't find a designer who can help, please use the design tools below and avoid using Microsoft Word to perform this task.



If you don't have a graphic application such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, we suggest using Gimp or Inkscape as replacements. Both tools are free.


THE FONT: Why is style, size, and exact placement so important?

Because the public has such a sensitive eye, even a minor flaw in the "right" place could mean a negative influence on how the logo is perceived. By following the guidelines below with care, you can construct a logo like a pro for your own city or local area. Your attention to precision will go a long way since it may be repeated many times for the foreseeable future.


DO: use Google's Roboto Condensed for your city name. To download, go to the Roboto Condensed Google font page [here] and click “select this font” at upper right. Locate the black bar at the bottom right and click to expand it. Click the arrow-shaped download button at upper right to download, then load into your OS.

DON’T: stretch or smash the letters to fit (a common mistake).

DO: carefully follow the guidelines below, use the spec blue for your area/town/city name, and scale proportionately with care. Including the Indivisible Hand in your logo is optional.


Putting it all together

The height of your text should not exceed approx 80% of the height of the red bar (as shown). In scaling and positioning the name, the total width shouldn’t extend past the lower left or upper right points of the red bar:


In the event the name is short, center over the red bar, and avoid using tracking or kerning to fill the space:

Don't stretch the text either vertically or horizontally to fill the space, it diminishes the integrity of the font (and thereby the appearance):

In the event the name is very long, we suggest this approach, which may require a bit of assistance to achieve:


If your designer insists on a font other than Roboto Condensed, please use only a condensed alternative typeface:


your finished logo

For added flexibility, here are five formats a finished logo can take. In the third example, the hand is reduced in size 75%. The format at lower left should never be used.

Download Branding Assets

Seattle Indivisible has created graphic files you can use to create your own logo. You'll need a graphics program such as Illustrator or Photoshop to edit the files, or one of the free tools mentioned above.

Download the branding assets from Google Drive (follow the link and then click the "Download All" button in the top-right.