Sue for Our Subsidies

This week, Trump cut off $7 billion in healthcare subsidies with the stroke of a pen. These were the Cost Sharing Reduction subsidies that the federal government uses to ease the cost of monthly premiums for low-income Americans. This sabotages the Affordable Care Act, and could cause premiums to spike in Washington by as much as 28 percent, or even cause the individual market to collapse.

Thanks to our proactive state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Washington has just joined 20 other states in suing the Trump administration over ending these subsidies. Let’s send an email to thank Bob Ferguson for his leadership and encourage him to continue to throw his resources behind the lawsuit to protect our healthcare. Use the following link:

[SAMPLE SCRIPT]: “Hi, my name is [NAME], from [CITY]. I would like to thank Attorney General Ferguson for his leadership in the fight to support the ACA. Thank you for joining the lawsuit to challenge Trump’s suspension of CSR subsidies. Please continue to fight to protect our healthcare and continue to throw your resources into protecting us from this administration’s sabotage.”



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