Get out the Vote


Seattle Indivisible's biweekly meeting is today, from 2-4pm at the Columbia Branch Library, 4721 Rainier Ave S, Seattle. The library is ADA accessible and served by Link light rail as well as Metro bus #7.

Elections are coming. On November 7, in just 16 days, Virginia and New Jersey will be electing new governors and legislatures, Seattle will hold elections for city council, mayor, and school board, and all of King County will get to vote for county executive, sheriff, and port commissioners, and some of you lucky enough to live in the 45th LD on the Eastside or the 31st LD in Southeast King/Northeast Pierce counties, will have the chance to flip our state Senate.

Action 1: VOTE.

Your ballot should have just arrived in the mail, or should be arriving very shortly. Please fill it out (vote all the way to the end, please) and send it back in. Allow an extra day if you're using the post office to make sure it gets counted.

There are several free ballot drop boxes that you can also use:

If you're not yet registered, you can still vote - new voters can register in person, up to October 30 at the King County Elections office in Renton or the King County Voter Registration Annex in the King County Administration building downtown. See here for hours and directions:

Action 2: Get out the vote

I mentioned the 45th and 31st LDs above. A win by Manka Dhingra in the 45th or Michelle Rylands in the 31st (or both) will break the one-vote stranglehold that the GOP has used to keep the state from functioning properly. Their campaigns are out canvassing, and can use your help:

Additionally, we're going to be helping out Tukwila city council Candidate Zak Idan get out the vote next Saturday, October 28:

Now, getting out the vote doesn't necessarily mean going out in the rain and knocking on doors (even though that's fun). You can do it from home. We need you to make calls and texts to Virginia. Why Virginia? Virginia might look like a blue state - after all, their last 4 senate elections have gone to Democrats, the last 3 presidential elections have gone to Democrats, and the current governor is a Democrat. But look below the surface, and you see some problems. Of their 11 representatives in the House, 7 are Republicans. Why? Gerrymandering. But we can fix this. The people that Virginians elect on November 7 will have some control over the next round of redistricting. Winning back states from GOP control is the crucial first step towards a level playing field. Indivisible is looking for people nationally to make calls and texts to Virginia voters. Sign up here.


TUESDAY 12PM: Join us at the Federal Building as we continue to combat the Trump agenda on multiple fronts!

As usual, we will enter the federal building immediately after the rally for a meeting with Senate staffers. Also as usual (from now through December), we will be gathering signatures for De-Escalate Washington's I-940 ballot initiative for better police training and accountability.