Stop the Trump Tax Scam

Please fill in our call log so we can gauge the impact of our actions:

Hi everyone - we have four pieces of business today.

1. VOTE VOTE VOTE! Everyone should have received their ballots for Washington's general election by now. You have until November 7 to fill it in, but don't wait until then! If you haven't received your ballot, check with King County Elections: We're compiling a list of voting questions and answers here:

2. Come to our Resist Trump Tuesday rally today, Tuesday, Oct 24 at 11:45AM at the Jackson Federal Building in downtown Seattle. After the rally, we will head into the federal building to speak with Senate staffers. Please RSVP here if you use Facebook:

3. Folks in the 7th District: RSVP for Rep. Jayapal's upcoming "Town Hall on Trump's Tax Giveaways to the Rich". This event will take place on October 30th at 6pm.

4. Thank our Members of Congress for opposing the Trump Tax Scam!

Thank Our Members of Congress

Today, we're going to make 3 calls: one to each of our Senators and one to your Congressperson.

Call Both

  • Senator Patty Murray: (206) 553-5545
  • Senator Maria Cantwell: (206) 220-6400

Call One

  • Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal: (206) 674-0040
  • Congressman Adam Smith: (425) 793-5180

Sample Script

"Hi, My name is {NAME} and I’m calling from {CITY, ZIP}. I’m calling to thank {MoC NAME} for voting against the budget resolution in the [House / Senate] earlier this month. Will {MoC NAME} also oppose the tax bill itself when it’s time for a vote?"

(If the staffer says "yes")

"That's great to hear. Will {MoC Name} commit to me that he/she will do everything he/she can to slow down and expose the Trump Tax Scam? [For Senators, including withholding their consent?]"

(In either case)

"Thank you for your time, and have a good day."


Let’s be clear: the Trump Tax Scam is a massive giveaway to the wealthy and corporations, paid for by raising taxes on some middle class families and slashing critical social programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Almost all of the tax benefits from the Republicans’ plan will go to the top 1%.

The fight in Congress over the Trump Tax Scam is happening right now. Republicans want to use the special process in the Senate called “reconciliation” to pass the Trump Tax Scam with only 51 votes (just like they tried with health care). To use reconciliation, the House and Senate have to pass a consensus version of their budget-which is expected to happen when the House votes on the Senate’s version of the budget on Thursday, October 26. After that, they’ll get started on the tax bill itself.

Every Democrat in both chambers voted against the budget resolution. Make sure your MoC knows you appreciate the stand they took: call and thank them for their vote, and tell them to use every tool at their disposal—including withholding consent—to slow down and expose the Trump Tax Scam.

More Info

Here are the Tax Cuts Donald Trump Wants to Give Himself and his Millionaire Friends: