Tell City and County Council: Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Jeff Sessions' Department of Justice is threatening to strip funding for the Seattle and King County because of our city's and county's refusal to help do ICE's job. Tell them to keep it that way.

ACTION: E-mail the City Council and County Council

Send an e-mail to your King County Council Member and, if you are a resident of City of Seattle, send an e-mail to the Seattle City Council asking them to make no changes to comply with the DoJ's request to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

For King County residents: Look up your County Council Member here.

For Seattle residents: You can e-mail the entire council at


Event: David Duvall Kanreki Benefit Concert

Kirkland Performance Center, Nov. 19, 7PM
Duvall will be performing music from his newly released CDs, and will be joined by some of the Seattle area's finest jazz and rock musicians. Co-sponsored by Seattle Indivisible, proceeds will be split between Jewish Voice for Peace/Network Against Islamophobia and the Organization for Refugee Asylum & Migration. Tickets for this amazing cause are $35, $25 and $10 students.
Facebook event: