Thank you for resisting with us

Today's Action: Eat Some Pie!

Today is Thanksgiving, and congressional offices are closed. We will get right back to calling and protesting tomorrow, but today, those of us who write the Daily Actions for Seattle Indivisible would like to express our sincere thanks to you. We continue to meet new Seattle Indivisible members that are finding ways to incorporate activism into their lives, whether that means calling Congress every day, attending Resist Trump Tuesday rallies, going out in the rain and snow to canvas for progressive candidates, or donating to important campaigns and non-profits. We are inspired by your efforts and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished together – thank you so much for being the engine that drives the resistance.

Hopefully today will be a simple holiday spent with family, friends, and stacks of pie. If “simple” doesn’t describe your Thanksgiving table, then this can be a great opportunity for reaching across the aisle to talk with Republican family members about what’s really going on with things like the upcoming tax bill. If difficult political talk is on your agenda, the Indivisible Guide offers a good primer on how to talk to Republican family members on that topic here:

Have suggestions for future daily actions, or interested in helping to write them? Contact us at!