Keep those “Anti-Tax-Scam” call numbers up!

Please help us understand our impact by filling out our call log:

ACTION:  Call again to oppose the shameful Republican Tax Cut Act

Have you called your MOCs this week about the Trump Tax Scam bill in Congress?  Let’s call again!  MOCs tell us they need the constituent call numbers (plus your reasons and stories, if you have them) to fight the battle against this devastating tax bill.  We did it with the ACA; we’ll do it again with the Tax Bill!

Sen. Patty Murray: DC 202-224-2621; Seattle 206-553-5545
Sen. Maria Cantwell: DC 202-224-3441; Seattle 206-220-6400
Rep. Pramila Jayapal: (202) 225-3106, (206) 674-0040* (see “Why call House MOCs?" below)
Rep. Adam Smith: (202) 225-8901, (425) 793-5180*

“Hello, my name is [NAME] calling from [CITY & ZIP CODE].  I’m still angry about the Republican Tax Cut and Jobs Act.  We cannot let the Republicans push through a tax bill that benefits the wealthy and corporate interests and punishes middle-class and working families.  I’m mad because [REASON HERE, SEE LIST BELOW!].  Please fight this bill with every possible strategy.  Thank you.”

Not sure what reason to say?  Here is a list, compiled by one of the Indivisible groups:


- The bill adds $1.7 trillion to the deficit.
- The bill increases taxes, on net, for families that have at least one child and make less than $100,000.
- 13 million people lose their health insurance.
- Businesses that hire veterans lose tax benefits.
- $25 billion cut from Medicare.
- Medicaid loses more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years.
- Medical cost deductions are eliminated.
- Tax cuts for individuals expire in 2025, while trillion-dollar corporate tax cuts are permanent.
- Teachers pay more for school supplies.
- Patients pay more for lifesaving medical devices.

We have heard over and over from our U.S. Houses MOCs that even though a bill has passed in the House, they still work with Senate colleagues to defeat the  bill in the Senate.  Just tell them that you are opposed and want them to do everything possible to stop the bill in the Senate.


Rep. Jayapal, Rep. Smith on GOP Tax Scam:


The House vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was close!  227 to 205 - it only passed by 22 votes.   WE CAN DO THIS! (, the House has 240 Republicans and 194 Democrats)


You can leave voicemail for your MOC and your opinion will be counted!  Call the same numbers, just be sure to give your FULL ADDRESS including ZIP CODE when you leave a voicemail.  (Time-saving tip:  Press “#” when you reach the MOCs voicemail message and leave your message after the “beep”!)