Defend an open web

Official action for Saturday, Nov. 25

Since they were passed in 2015, net neutrality regulations have stopped internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast from discriminating against specific websites. Without net neutrality protections, these companies could charge websites to display at reasonable speeds (making it more difficult for grassroots sites to get their message out) or they could even go so far as to block content they don’t like (as Verizon did when they blocked NARAL Pro-Choice texts in 2007).

Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai (a Trump appointee) has called for a vote to repeal Net Neutrality on December 15. We’ve called our senators on this issue before; now let’s email the FCC chairs to let them know that we will fight for an open internet.

Three that currently want to repeal net neutrality:
Ajit Pai:
Mignon Clyburn:
Michael O'Rielly: Mike.O'

And two that currently support net neutrality: 
Brendan Carr:
Jessica Rosenworcel:

Sample Script:
“Hello, my name is [name]. I am writing from [city, zip code]. I urge [name] to oppose the plan to repeal Net Neutrality regulations. An open internet is essential for America, and service providers should not be allowed to tilt the playing field at their whim."

Extra credit:
Come to a protest at Verizon, a net neutrality opponent and Ajit Pai’s former employer.
Dec. 7, 5-8 p.m., 1633 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101


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Verizon Protest for Net Neutrality
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