Preserve the DREAM while we have the chance

Official action for Tuesday, Dec. 19

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Action: Preserve the DREAM while we have the chance

(Yep, another DREAM Act action. The spending bill deadline is Friday, and this is a great chance for us to sway our own congresspeople, so let’s keep applying pressure.)

Since Trump reversed DACA in September, our Republican-controlled legislature has shown only nominal interest in passing a clean DREAM Act. If we want to renew federal protections for Dreamers before they expire in March (and particularly if we want to do so without harming millions of non-Dreamer immigrants), we need to do so while we have leverage. That means taking advantage of the fact that Republicans need to pass a spending bill by Friday, and they need Democratic votes to do it.

Only one of Seattle’s national legislators has promised to not vote on a spending bill without a clean DREAM Act. Let’s bring that number up!

Don’t forget to fill out our call log so that we can track our impact:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: (202) 225-3106, (206) 674-0040
Rep. Adam Smith: (202) 225-8901, (425) 793-5180
Sen. Patty Murray: (202) 224-2621, (206) 553-5545
Sen. Maria Cantwell: (202) 224-3441, (206) 220-6400

Sample Script (Jayapal):
“Hello, I’m [name] from [city, zip], and I’d like to thank Representative Jayapal for promising not to vote on a spending bill that does not include a clean Dream Act."

Sample Script (Other):
“Hello, I’m [name] from [city, zip], and I’m calling about the coming spending bill. This bill is likely the best leverage Democrats will have between now and DACA’s expiration in March. Will [rep’s name] promise not to vote on a spending bill that does not include a clean Dream Act?"


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