Reasons for Hope

Today is Christmas, which means that Congressional offices are closed, and no one will be on hand to take our phone calls. This is probably the last lull we'll have for a while—we expect to have a jam-packed January.

Some of the events coming up include the anniversary of the Womxn's March, our anniversary party for Seattle Indivisible, the return of our Resist Trump Tuesday rallies at the Federal Building, and more. We'll also be fighting to pass the DREAM Act, which will decide the fates of hundreds of thousands of people who are Americans in every way except for their papers. January is going to be a month of huge importance, and we know we can count on you every step of the way.

Today's action: Tell us, what are your reasons for hope?

So, while we have a chance to catch our breaths, we wanted to invite you to think back over the last year and consider all of the events that have given you hope. Send us an email at, or leave us a comment on our Facebook post.

Here are some of our reasons for hope:

And most of all: we look to all of you as a reason for hope. Every one of you who show up at our Tuesday meetings, rallies, Town Halls, poster-making sessions, on the Facebook group, and everywhere else that you make your voices heard. Your recognition that democracy is not a spectator sport gives us hope that it won't just be 2018 or 2020 that will be different, but instead the rest of the 21st century.

Help us fund our fight in the New Year

We've received a number of requests from folks interested in helping us fund Seattle Indivisible, and to all of you, we just want to say thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Your generous donations, which are not tax deductible, help us pay for meeting space rentals, new bullhorns, website hosting, training, non-profit registration fees, signs, photo copies, PO Box fees, and the hundreds of other little things that we use to keep our organization running.

You can make a donation at