Happy New Year all!

Can you believe 2017 actually happened?  And…. we made it! Wow, do we have the battle scars to prove it, but now is not the time to let up.

We need you in 2018 and here is an example of why:

You helped save the ACA. That is not an overstatement. That is a fact.

We suffered a major loss on the tax bill and it’s important to acknowledge the pain, it’s real. Use that to enforce your resolve to continue to fight hard AND to retake congress this year! And do not let that take away from the very real victories you have won.

We will absolutely retake both houses of congress this year because we are all going to do our part.


Make a realistic commitment to yourself about what you can do to help in 2018, and then follow through!

Whatever you can do, it matters. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you can’t do everything, you might as well do nothing. This is a battle of attrition and every little bit helps. If you can commit to calling your MOC once a week, great! We need that call! Don’t feel bad that you couldn’t make all the calls. Keep making that call every week if that’s your commitment. We absolutely need it. Everything helps!

Looking to jump right in? We are partnering with Seattle Womxn Marching Forward to launch the kickoff to a major voter registration drive on Jan 21st, the anniversary of their march last year.

Use the link below to volunteer to register people to vote:


Want to help out with a donation?  Here’s a link for that:


Bottom line:
Make a commitment! Keep it! Keep fighting hard!
We’re ready to take on 2018 together!

Happy New Years!