Final Push for Net Neutrality, Doug Jones

** But first: would you like to join Seattle Indivisible’s voter registration drive on January 21, the anniversary of the Women’s March? Click here to sign up

Action 1: Fight for Net Neutrality

Next week, the FCC will vote to roll back internet regulations that are essential to protecting free speech, small businesses, and even our own ability to organize online. Our only recourse is through a huge public outcry and Congressional intervention. Today, we are asking you to click over to where you can easily

a) Email your representatives

b) join the December 12th ‘Break the Internet’ protest on your own websites and social media

Action 2: Sign Up to Text Bank for the Alabama Senate Race

The Alabama Senate election is this Tuesday, December 12, and turnout is key. If you haven’t already, sign up for an Indivisible text banking shift! It just takes two hours of your time and you can do it from home:

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