Saturday Actions: Thank Another Indivisible Group and Attend an Event

Thank you all for fighting to successfully stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act this week! For now, millions will be able to stay on their plans and afford life-saving care. This would not have happened without the colossal public pressure created by your calls, protests, and messages to friends and family around the country.

Action 1: Thank another Indivisible Group

The Indivisible groups from Washington’s 3rd and 8th Congressional districts were on the front lines of the healthcare fight these past few weeks. Their Republican representatives caved at the last minute! Rep. Reichert changed his stance to ‘undecided’ even after helping advance it through committee a few weeks prior. Post a message on one or two of these Indivisible groups' social media pages thanking them for their extraordinary efforts:*

*You need to join this group to post.


Action 2: Attend an Event

Let’s stay active! Pick an upcoming activist event to attend from the list in our google doc below. Then reply in the Facebook comments: what event are you attending?

Another great option is to RSVP to a canvassing event with the 45th District Democrats. If a Democrat wins this seat, they win back the State Senate: