Savor the Healthcare Victory and Share an Article to Prepare for the Next Fight

Action 1: Savor the Healthcare Victory

As we prepare to light up the phone lines and turn out for the Resist Trump Tuesday rally this week, take a moment to reflect on a real accomplishment. Cherish this little tiny taste of victory, because we may win the next fight, or we may lose. But our voices are being heard, loud and clear. We did this together, and the Indivisible Guide gave us tangible tactics to use to change the conversation in Washington, DC:

Action 2: Share an Article to Prepare for the Next Fight

Is there an article you have read recently that you want to share? Please post it in the replies to the Daily Action post on Facebook. As a group that strives to fight against institutionalized racism and sexism, we especially want to encourage all members to broadcast voices that have been traditionally marginalized. Opinion pieces are welcome (even though we normally discourage them in our Community Guidelines).

Then, take some time to read what others have posted! The more we stay informed and broaden our perspectives, the better equipped we are to fight, and to understand what and who we are fighting for.