Protect Transgender Rights in Washington, and Attend the Emergency Rally against DHS Secretary Kelly

Action 1: Protect Transgender Rights in Washington

Yesterday was Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to celebrate the transgender community and spread awareness. But a campaign right here in Washington is trying to get an initiative on the 2017 ballot, I-1552, that would repeal the non-discrimination laws that protect transgender people.

Join the ‘No on I-1552’ campaign through this link, and pledge not to sign this ballot initiative if you come across anyone collecting signatures:

Then, find your state representatives ( and use this link to check if they have endorsed the 'No on I-1552' campaign:

If so, send them an email through their website to thank them! If not, ask them to endorse the ‘No on I-1552’ movement.

Read more about I-1552 here:

More about Transgender Day of Visibility:

Action 2: Attend the Emergency Rally against Secretary Kelly

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly will be in Seattle today, and there is an emergency Immigration rally planned from 9am to 12am at Pier 91, 2001 W Garfield St (meet at the Elliot Bay Trail Public Parking area)!

Secretary Kelly has been given license to carry out Trump’s deportation agenda that breaks up families, and his Islamophobic ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants. We have a chance to send him a message that Americans will not stand for this.

If you read this too late in the day or can’t make it, here are a few other events this week that we think you should know about:

Sunday , April 2 at 4 pm: ‘Vigilance Against Injustice,’ an anti-bigotry and anti-persecution panel discussion in Redmond

Tuesday, April 4 at 11:45 am: Resist Trump Tuesday rally at the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building

Thursday, April 6 at 7:15 pm: Do you want to volunteer for Seattle Indivisible? Join our ‘All-Hands’ monthly meeting at the Garfield Community Center!