Celebrate International Women's Day by fighting for Women's Rights

Let's celebrate International Women's Day by fighting for women's rights with the following actions:

Action 1: Ask friends and family to call their Senators about Trumpcare

Trumpcare is a disaster for many reasons, not least of which is that it would entirely defund Planned Parenthood. This is an outright attack on women and we must do everything we can to stop it.

Today we are asking you to reach out to friends and family in red states to ask that they oppose Trumpcare. Already 4 Republican Senators from OH, WV, CO, and AK have said they will not vote for the bill unless changes are made.

Send your friends and family an email asking them to call their senators using the script below - and if you can, tell them how this new plan would personally effect you (or them). Note that the script focuses on issues with Trumpcare that potentially have bipartisan appeal, so that even a conservative family member might be willing to make the call.

Sample Script

"Hi, my name is {NAME}, and I'm calling from {CITY, ZIP}. I'd like to ask that {Senator} oppose the new health care plan that is intended to replace the Affordable Care Act. This plan is a mess - it would cut Medicaid, reduce benefits to people in rural areas, and allow increased charges to the elderly. Further, it is irresponsible to push it through without review by the Congressional Budget Office. Will {Senator} oppose this harmful plan and any future plans that fail to protect the health of all Americans?"

Action 2: Thank our female Members of Congress for everything they do for us

We are lucky to have two female Senators and—if you live in the 7th district—a female Representative who fight for all of us every day. Today, call them to let the know that you appreciate all they do for their constituents.

Please log your call here: https://goo.gl/forms/lbHUvI9h58f0dLqx1 once you're finished to let us know what our MoCs had to say.

Senator Patty Murray:
DC - 202-224-2621
Seattle - 206-553-5545

Senator Maria Cantwell:
DC - 202-224-3441
Seattle - 206-220-6400

Rep. Pramila Jayapal:
DC - 202-225-3106

Sample Script

"Hi, my name is {NAME}, and I'm calling from {CITY, ZIP}. I'd like to thank {Senator} for all she has been doing for us. From staying up all night to oppose swamp cabinet picks, to speaking out against injustice and hate, she has fought hard for us in these last few difficult months. Please let her know that her constituents appreciate her hard work."

Action 3: Participate in International Women's Day events

Today's holiday is an excellent opportunity to make your displeasure with our misogynistic president known. 

If you can, please consider participating in the "A Day Without a Woman" strike put on by the organizers of the Women’s March. They are suggesting three actions:

  1. Wear red in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman.
  2. Avoid making any purchases for the day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).
  3. feasible, women take the day off from paid and unpaid labor.

And if none of these actions feel right to you, then consider going to the Womxn's Day Rally at Westlake Park put on by Councilwoman Kshama Sawant this evening, 6-9pm.

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