Turn Protest into Political Power: Support the Upcoming Special Elections!

The defeat of healthcare repeal and the growing success of the Filibuster-Gorsuch campaign has shown that the anti-Trump and Indivisible movements have successfully changed the political narrative. It may also be changing the momentum of upcoming elections. A CNN analysis published this week ranks Democrats' most likely chances of taking back House seats, and turning this protest movement into real political power.

If you have not done so already, please consider making a small donation or volunteering support to the Democrats in the top two campaigns they list:

1. Jon Ossoff (April 18) - https://electjon.com/

2. Rob Quist (May 25) - http://robquist.org/

And feel free to go further down the list if you are feeling bullish!

With Jon Ossoff in Georgia pulling ahead in early voting, we have a chance to push him over the top. If you'd like to also join a postcard-mailing campaign to support Jon Ossoff, email TonyTheDemocrat@gmail.com (this is a grassroots effort unaffiliated with his campaign).