Donate to Planned Parenthood & Believe it and make it happen.


Donate to Planned Parenthood & Believe it and make it happen

We are going to get good at losing.  Then we are going to win!

On Thursday, Trump signed legislation that allows states to withhold federal family planning funding to abortion providers.  There is nothing we can do about the fact that this is law now.  We will not be calling to ask our MoC’s to make a statement or vote against it.  It’s law.  So why am I bringing it up?  Just because it’s law doesn’t mean we are powerless.  

Action 1: Donate to Planned Parenthood

If you can do it, now is the time to donate to Planned Parenthood.  Period.  No need to explain.

Here is something a bit more ambitious, but I think it’s going to happen.  

Stay involved and vote in 2018.  You need to really pay attention because I’m deadly serious.  Kansas just had a special election to fill the 4th congressional district and although the GOP did hold the seat, the big takeaway was that it was close.  We are going to win back both houses of congress in 2018.  Believe it and make it happen.

Speaking of staying involved.  North Seattle Indivisible, Indivisible Eastside, Puget Sound Indivisible, and Seattle Indivisible are teaming up to create a series of events designed to inform you and provide concrete tools to resist so we don’t have to get too good at losing before we win.  

Action 2: Go to Indivisible Town Meeting

North Seattle Indivisible is taking the lead on the first one which is this Monday.  Show up!

And.. Keep an eye out for our event on May 30th!
Details coming soon!

More info about the new law: