Don't Let Trump Sabotage the ACA!

Action 1:  Don’t let Trump Sabotage the ACA!

Trump is threatening to cut federal funding that makes cost-sharing work for insurers and patients.  If he succeeds in doing so, there would be an immediate hit to insurance companies offering Obamacare plans.  Consequently, health insurance would get very expensive in certain parts of the countries and not be available in others.  This is a direct threat to the survival of the ACA and affordable health insurance for many.

Urge your Congressperson to be outspoken in support of an appropriation bill that EXPLICITLY funds these subsidies.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Get in touch with friends and family with Republican reps and encourage them to call their MoC, too.  If you have connections in Oregon, for instance, Republican Congressman Greg Walden is in support of funding the cost-sharing subsidies.  Friends/family members in his district can call to support Rep. Walden in this.   

Sample Script:

My name is [name] calling from [city, zip].  I’d like to ask Representative [Jayapal/Smith] to demand an appropriation bill that explicitly funds cost-sharing subsidies for health insurance, and to work across the aisle to get Republican Congresspeople to do the same.  


    DC - 202-225-3106
    Seattle - 206-674-0040    


    DC - 202-225-8901
    Renton - 425-793-5180


Action 2:  Connect with other Citizens and Learn How To Make a Difference!

Join your neighbors and fellow citizens at the North Seattle Indivisible Town Meeting tonight, Monday the 17th, from 7-9 at the Shoreline Community Center.  Listen to inspiring speakers and learn how you can make a difference at the Activist Fair.  More information here:

Action 3:  Resist Trump!

Join us this week at the Resist Trump Tuesday Rally where we will participate with Veterans for Peace during their annual Tax Day Action to raise awareness for how our government spends our tax dollars. Leafleting to passerbys will run from 11:30-12:30, with the rally starting at 12:30, including speakers, music and an open mic for you to share where you think our tax dollars should be allocated. Please join us!

More information here:

See you at the Federal Building!