Leave a Comment in Defense of EPA Regulations, and Attend the Earth Day Rally & Canvass (Corrected Time!)

Today is Earth Day. Activists across the country are marching in defense of science, against Trump, and against his crony, climate-change-denying EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

Action 1: Leave a Comment in Defense of EPA Regulations

Here is something you can do from your computer right now! The comment period is open on Trump’s order directing the EPA to conduct a sweeping roll-back of environmental regulations. He is expecting to see comments from lobbyists and polluting industries, with helpful suggestions on how to increase their profit margins at the expense of our clean air and water. 

Instead, we can deluge the agency with citizen comments defending environmental regulations, which they are obligated to read. Click here to leave a comment.

Here are some tips on commenting, and how it can slow down agencies trying to roll back regulations.

Still not sure what to write about? Indivisible WA Environment Network has some helpful links and suggestions.

Action 2: (CORRECTED TIME!) Attend the Earth Day Rally & Canvass

Representative Jayapal and King County Democrats are holding a ‘Rooting Our Resistance’ Earth Day rally, followed by a neighborhood canvas to spread climate resistance actions. It takes place today, April 22 at 2pm, at Woodland Park Picnic Shelter:

Don’t forget to attend the Seattle March for Science before the canvass, if you are able! It starts at 10:00 a.m. at Cal Anderson Park:

NOTE: Don't worry if you can't attend every event we are plugging! There are a lot of overlapping events, especially on the weekends. Do what you can, and do what is most important to you.