Kick Off the new Congressional Session with your ACA story

The Republicans are going to bring back the fight against the Affordable Care Act after the April recess.  What is your story about health care insurance or medical costs?  For instance, do you need low-cost health insurance because you don't receive health insurance through your employment?  Are you part-time employed and don't qualify for employer health insurance?  Do you have an illness and risk losing your health insurance if you lose your employment?  Have you or a family member needed medical care and were unable to afford it?

Today, email a description of your health insurance or medical care story to your MOCs - it can be as brief as a couple of sentences, or as long as you need.  ASK the MOCs to represent your concerns in the upcoming ACA battle.

Senator Patty Murray:

Senator Maria Cantwell:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal:

Rep. Adam Smith:

Email Script:

"Dear [MOC NAME]:  I am writing to express my concerns about changes to the Affordable Care Act.  I have been affected by the ACA because [YOUR PERSONAL STORY].  I am asking you to fight for affordable medical care and health care insurance in the upcoming Congressional Session.  Please don't let the Republicans remove this important protection."

You Should Know:

Over 1200 calls have been logged through Seattle Indivisible’s Daily Alerts, and we know that that only represents a fraction of the calls we have made together!  

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