Join us in helping to combat Islamophobia.

On May 21st we will team up with other local Indivisible groups as well as MAPS-AMEN.

MAPS (Muslim Association of Puget Sound)
AMEN (American Muslim Empowerment Network)

Unfortunately, slandering Islam is an extremely profitable business.  About six in ten Americans don’t know a Muslim and about eight in ten Americans don’t know much about the religion.  A major reason people don’t know much is that what they do know is the result of a purposeful misinformation campaign.

Purposeful?  Yes!  Why? For the money!

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Don’t think that because you happen not to be Muslim that this does not affect you.  Misinformation makes for bad foreign and domestic policy that hurts everyone.  

Show up on May 21st and get the facts!

From 3pm to 6pm we will be at Redmond MAPS touring the Mosque, listening to a presentation and Q&A about Islam, observing a prayer service, and sharing a meal. All ages are welcome. Tickets are required so our hosts know how many to cook for.

Please Join us and RSVP below.


More info about misinformation: