Fight for Fair Taxes in WA, and Join us Thursday

Action 1: Fight for Fair Taxes in Washington!

Washington has one of the most regressive tax codes in the nation. Tell your state legislators to support HB 2186, a house bill co-authored by Rep. Nicole Macri of the 43rd that would help fix Washington’s upside-down tax code!

  1. If you don’t know your legislative district, find it here.
  2. Then, call both of your state representatives – numbers can be found through the link above or here.


“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ADDRESS]. I’m calling because I want to make sure that Rep. [NAME] will support HB 2186. It’s time to clean up the tax code and make sure we build a strong foundation for Washington.”


Despite our state’s progressive reputation, Washington’s tax code places a disproportionate tax burden on the poor while providing unnecessary breaks to the rich. The result is underfunded education and services statewide. HB 2186 would invest in WA families and small business owners by improving the fairness of WA’s excise tax system.

  • More info on the bill here.
  • More info on WA’s regressive tax code here.
  • No time to call? Click here to email your legislators.

Action 2: Join us at the Seattle Indivisible All-Hands Meeting! 

Our next All-Hands Meeting is coming up on Thursday, April 6! If you are looking to get more involved with Seattle Indivisible, or simply want to get riled up with like-minded political resisters, please join us at 7:15 at the Garfield Community Center on Thursday! 
RSVP to the event here!