We want to hear from you!

Hi #Resistors! We want to hear from you as to regarding ideas that you think should be in our upcoming daily calls to action. Please send e-mails to daily-action@seattleindivisible.com with suggestions.

Some general guidelines:

  • We cannot promise your suggestion will turn into an action.
  • The Daily Action team will read through the ideas submitted in before 7:00 pm. If you've missed the cutoff or something urgent came up after the cutoff, you can try sending it anyway, but we'd recommend you just post it to the group.
  • Let us know if there's a specific date to target - for example, when a bill is coming up for a vote, or if there's an event already scheduled. If your idea is for something more than a few days out, we encourage you to send it to us again when the time to act approaches.
  • Please keep in mind our community guidelines when submitting ideas. https://www.seattleindivisible.com/community-guidelines
  • The more info you provide in your post, the easier it will be to evaluate. Please attach links to more information about bills you want to promote or oppose, or upcoming events that you want us to promote. 
  • Please do not send attachments or images. For security reasons, these will be ignored.

Example: “[MONDAY] - Call Senator Cantwell and ask her to oppose this upcoming bill. http://linktoanewsarticleonthisbill.com “

Additionally, feel free to e-mail us at daily-action@seattleindivisible.com if you would like to take part in actually writing and publishing our actions on a daily basis. Right now, it's just seven volunteers who rotate the writing, with each other reviewing each others work. We can definitely use additional people to help either in the writer rotation or as a backups.