No Congressional business as usual

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Trump’s firing of  FBI director James Comey in the midst of the only independent investigation of the Russian connection is a Constitutional crisis & our Members of Congress should do all they can to raise the urgency of this moment in their respective houses. 

Action 1: Tell our Senators to slow things down

Senators Murray and Cantwell should continue to use every rule in the Senate playbook to slow or stop Senate business until the majority party agrees to an independent investigation into the evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. These are exactly the kind of tactics Indivisible has been asking for, for months, and they have never been more urgent.

Senator Maria Cantwell
DC - 202-224-3441
Seattle - 206-220-6400

Senator Patty Murray
DC - 202-224-2621
Seattle - 206-553-5545

Sample Script

“My name is [name], and I’m calling from [city, zip]. In the wake of the Comey firing, I am calling to thank Senator [NAME] for voting to use the “two hour rule” to slow down Senate business. Please tell the Senator that her constituents have her back as she leverages Senate procedures until the majority party agrees to an independent investigation. 


Action 2: Force a vote in the House to create an independent investigation

The House may be on recess this week, but progressive Representatives are planning a response to Trump’s firing of the FBI Director, and the resulting delay or diversion of the only independent investigation of the Trump-Russia connection. Speaker Pelosi has proposed using a parliamentary procedure called a “discharge petition” to force a vote on the creation of a new independent investigatory panel. Let’s urge our representatives to support a discharge petition so that we can have a credible investigation.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal
DC - 202-225-3106
Seattle - 206-674-0040

Rep. Adam Smith
DC - 202-225-8901
Renton - 425-793-5180


Sample Script

“My name is [name], and I’m calling from [city, zip]. I am outraged that President Trump has scuttled the only possible independent investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia by firing FBI Director Comey.  Please tell Rep [name] to support Speaker Pelosi’s plan to file a “discharge petition” to try to force the House to vote on creation of an independent investigatory panel.


Action 3: Stay optimistic

Trump’s outrageous moves this week have begun to generate cracks in the wall of support he receives from Congressional Republicans. Several Republican Members of Congress have voiced grave doubts about his actions, and have staged protest votes on environmental and other matters. Our calls and actions are increasing the pressure: WE WILL SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!