Remember to submit your comments on Bears Ears National Monument


Submit your comments to the Department of the Interior regarding Bears Ears National Monument. The deadline for submission is this Friday, May 26. Submit a comment in support of the monument at


Bears Ears National Monument is a new monument designated by President Obama before he left office, under the authority of the 1906 Antiquities Act. The monument protects 1.35 million acres of public land in southeast Utah, containing sites sacred to several Native American tribes and pueblos.

The monument also contains oil, gas, uranium, and other natural resources that the current administration's allies in extraction industries are eager to exploit. For a reminder of what the current administrations' lax stance towards regulating extraction industries already is doing, read this story about Devon Energy rolling back their cleanup plans in Wyoming.

There will be more calls to action in the future regarding other National Monuments under review, but this is the first deadline.

Your Voice Has an Impact

A similar executive order looking to gut the EPA received overwhelmingly negative comments in its public comment period. Let's face it, polluting our air and water and exploiting our public lands are not winning political positions. We can use the public comment process to make our voices heard again.

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