Mobilize Your Network to Stop Zombie Trumpcare: Memorial Day Weekend Checklist

This may be a make or break recess week for the future of 23 million people’s health insurance. Republicans in the Senate are already pessimistic about getting a bill passed. So what can you do from a deep blue area? You can help MOBILIZE your network of family and friends around the country.

Open this checklist, or use the bullet points below to complete as many tasks as you are able:

I did the following to Stop Zombie Trumpcare:

• I looked up an upcoming town hall or healthcare rally for a friend/family member using the following links, and asked them to attend:

• I asked a friend/family member to call or write their representatives to oppose healthcare repeal.

• I sent the following link to a red-state friend/family member to show how many would lose insurance in their state:

• I posted to social media asking people to call their representatives or attend a town hall.

• I posted to social media with facts about healthcare repeal and the CBO score:

• I donated to the opponents of those who voted for repeal in the House, as a warning to the Senate:


More recess resources:


Our Seattle Indivisible Activist Fair is this coming Tuesday! It features Rep. Pramila Jayapal, and will have opportunities to get involved with many activist organizations. Tuesday, 5/30, 7:30 pm, at Town Hall Seattle. It is free but RSVP is required:

Good Electoral News:

Democrats get surprise wins in state legislative elections:

“A night where Democrats are losing Montana by ‘only’ 6 or 7 points is consistent with the sort of map you might see if Democrats were either taking over the House or coming pretty close to it.”