The Battle Isn't Over! Continue to Fight Son of Zombie Trumpcare!

Action 1: Join the forces of good to defeat the Son of Zombie Trumpcare!

Please log your call here:

No, healthcare for millions isn’t safe yet! Utilize all your networks to make sure EVERYONE you know is calling their GOP senators about healthcare. We need to make sure they’re getting an earful about how cruel and inhumane the AHCA is. If you have a great aunt in an assisted living facility, get her to rally all her buddies to make calls. If your mom is in a bridge group, bug her to breach protocol and bring up politics just this ONE time. 

Suggested script:

My name is [name] from [city, state]. I’m calling to let Senator [last name] know that if he/she votes for the AHCA, he/she will immediately lose my support. [Insert personal story about healthcare if possible]. I want the senator to ensure the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid and protections for people with preexisting conditions remain in place.  

Senate Contact Information:

Make sure you’ve hit every single one of the items on your Zombie Trumpcare Recess Checklist:


Action 2:  Attend Seattle Indivisible’s ‘Save Our Democracy’ Activist Fair Featuring Rep. Pramila Jayapal!

Come meet organizers & activist groups from around the Puget Sound region and find your best fit to effect change. Our goal is for you to leave this event feeling energized and empowered knowing you now have concrete tools to make a difference. We can save our Democracy, but we need your help!

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Action 3:  Attend the Resist Trump Tuesday Rally!

There is ALSO a Resist Trump Tuesday rally today, May 30 at 11:45 outside the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, sponsored by Indivisible North Seattle: