Seattle Indivisible Fights Back Against Healthcare Repeal: Beer-bottle Campaign and More

On Thursday Republicans took a vote that will endanger the lives of millions of Americans. And then they kicked off a day of celebration: playing 'Eye of the Tiger' before the vote, shipping in beer, and smoking cigars:

An essential part of stopping the bill in the Senate will be making sure House Republicans pay a swift political price for their Vote and their Gloat. Today we have a special crafty action, followed by a super-quick online action. Choose what you are able, or do both!

Action 1: Send a Beer Bottle to a Republican Who Voted to Repeal

To demonstrate the cruelty of the #voteandgloat, pick a Republican who voted for repeal:

And mail them empty beer bottles with labels over the brand name saying, "While you were partying…" and a photo and story of someone who will loose access to affordable healthcare if this law is passed. It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can use a simple printer label or regular paper and do it at home! Here is a label template you can download:

Post a photo of your beer bottle here and who you’re sending it to. Copy and paste, don’t share, into your social media feed so others from red districts participate! Let's make the GOP look into the faces of the people whose lives they celebrated destroying. #iamapreexistingcondition #beerbottleempathy #noahca

Action 2: Donate to Democratic Opponents of Republicans Who Voted Yes

If you have a few dollars you can give, choose one of these two fundraising links set up by ActBlue and Swingleft:

The first will be divvied up to ALL Democrats who are challenging republicans who voted for repeal. The second is similar but divided between a smaller number (35) of swing districts.


DON'T FORGET, THIS TUESDAY: is our Resist-Trump Rally - we will focus on Health Care, and we'll also cover the status of flipping red seats to blue. TUESDAY, MAY 9 at 11:45 a.m. at the Federal Building.