Press for answers from Intelligence Officials Dan Coats and Admiral Michael Rogers

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ACTION:  Ask lawmakers to press top intelligence administration officials for answers on Donald Trump’s interactions with the Russian government.

Last week hearings were held in the Senate questioning senior U.S. officials about Trump’s dealings with the Russian government.  Two top intelligence officials refused to answer bipartisan questions –  Dan Coats (Director of National Intelligence) and Adm. Michael S. Rogers (N.S.A. Director).  The Senate has a role to provide oversight into government activities and actions, and the refusal of these officials to answer questions is reprehensible.

Today, please take a few minutes to email or fax your concern to lawmakers.

Senator Patty Murray
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Fax- (202) 224-0238

Senator Maria Cantwell
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Fax - (202) 228-0514

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"Senior U.S. officials decline to answer questions on whether Donald Trump pressed them on Russia" inquiries" -

“Intelligence Officials Sidestep Senate Questions on Trump and Russia” -


Next week is a special election in Georgia for the U.S. House seat vacated by Trump appointee Tom Price.  Recently there have been a couple of close elections for formerly held Republican seats (Kansas and Montana), in which the Democratic candidate lost by a narrow margin. 

In Georgia, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has been gaining ground against GOP candidate Karen Handel.  CNN poll Friday indicated Ossoff in the lead 51-44.   Not only that, “The poll shows Ossoff is picking off 13% of Republicans and 50% of independents in a district that historically has been reliably red.”

CNN article -