Anti-Trumpcare Marathon: Keep it Up!

Today we continue our anti-Trumpcare marathon: We can’t let up until this cruel bill is done for. If you've already called,  call again with today's new scripts! Today, tell your representatives and on-the-fence republicans that they should stop the bill from passing not only because it is cruel, but also because it is being pushed through with no respect for the institution of the Senate, no transparency, and no thought at all for us, the voters.

Please log your call here:

Action 1: Ask Senators Cantwell and Murray to delay business in the Senate as much as possible by any means possible.

Senator Patty Murray
DC - 202-224-2621
Seattle - 206-553-5545

Senator Maria Cantwell
DC - 202-224-3441
Seattle - 206-220-6400


“My name is [name] calling from [place, zip]. I’m very concerned about Mitch McConnell’s plan to push the GOP healthcare bill through without committee hearings or debate. This behavior is disrespectful to the institution of the Senate and to the American people – I would like Senator [name] to show them it is not acceptable by delaying Senate business by any means possible until they allow open hearings.”


Call the nine GOP Senators who are showing signs of being ambivalent about the healthcare bill. We don’t normally suggest calling outside our own representatives, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Let’s flood their phones with calls, and remember, personal stories can be extremely effective as persuasion! 

You can ask for the staffer in charge of healthcare. Below are the senators’ phone numbers and healthcare staffer names.

Cory Gardner (Colorado)      (202) 224-5941  Alison Toal
Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia)  (202) 224-6472  Dana Richter
Bill Cassidy (Louisiana)        (202) 224-5824  Matt Gallivan
Susan Collins (Maine)        (202) 224-2523  Amy Pellegrino
Dean Heller (Nevada)        (202) 224-6244  Rachel Green
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)      (202) 224-6665  Morgan Griffin
Dan Sullivan (Alaska)        (202) 224-3004  Tyler Roberts
Rob Portman (Ohio)        (202) 224-3353  Sarah Schmidt
Tom Cotton (Arkansas)        (202) 224-2353  Abigail Welborn            


"I am calling to urge Senator [name] to vote “no” on TrumpCare. Why are our representatives refusing hearings and undertaking other shady tactics to get this bill passed? If the bill is beneficial to America, if the bill improves health care or saves money, why is there no transparency? I would like to ask that [MoC] do the right thing and stand up to these disrespectful tactics by voting “no” on Trumpcare. Voting no will literally save lives. (Include your own story here -- it's really critical so that these staffers don't just dismiss you as an out of stater)."

Action 3: Ask your friends for help

Go through your address book methodically and think of anyone you know who lives in the above 9 states. Facebook makes this easy for you - Search for "Friends in Nevada" (or whatever state you're calling) to get a list of friends who live there. Get in touch and alert them to the urgency of the situation. Tell them that they can make a difference and literally help save lives if they call their senators and ask them to vote “no” on TrumpCare.