The Stop Trumpcare Marathon Rolls On

Official Group Daily Action for Thursday June 15th

Please log your call here: and comment on this thread once you’re finished.

First, a pause:

Members of Seattle Indivisible are saddened by the events in the nation’s capitol yesterday. We differ with House Whip Scalise over healthcare policy but are united in opposing gun violence. Please call Rep Scalise’s office and wish him a speedy recovery:  (202) 225-3015


Meanwhile, our Stop Trumpcare Marathon continues. Now is the time to throw all of our energy into stopping the Trumpcare juggernaut in the Senate, by supporting our Senators as they try to slow it down, by sharing our healthcare stories, and by reaching out to Republican Senators who could vote “no.”

Action 1: Support the “No Hearings No Vote Act”

Knowing how unpopular it is likely to be, Mitch McConnell and Republican Senate leadership are determined to keep the provisions of their version of Trumpcare secret until just before they rush it to a vote on the Senate floor. Senator Murray--along with Senators Wyden, Sanders, and Schumer--are trying to shine a spotlight on this unfair and undemocratic process by introducing the “No Hearings, No Vote Act,” requiring bills like the AHCA to have hearings in the appropriate committees before they can be voted on. Call Senator Murray to thank her for this bill and for supporting democracy and access to healthcare. Call Senator Cantwell to ask her to cosponsor the “No Hearings No Vote Act.”

Senator Patty Murray:

DC - 202-224-2621

Seattle - 206-553-5545


Senator Maria Cantwell:

DC - 202-224-3441

Seattle - 206-220-6400

Script for Senator Murray:  “My name is [name], and I’m calling from [city, zip]. I am calling to thank Senator Murray for her sponsorship of the “No Hearings No Vote Act.”  We have to expose the ruthlessness of the Republicans’ efforts to jam Trumpcare down our throats. Please tell her to keep working against the Trumpcare bill by any and all democratic means.”

Script for Senator Cantwell: “My name is [name], and I’m calling from [city, zip]. I am calling on Senator Cantwell to oppose the ruthless and undemocratic way that Senate Republican leaders are trying to force through their Trumpcare bill without hearings or debate. Please ask her to sign on as a co-sponsor for Senator Murray’s “No Hearings No Vote Act,” and please keep working against the Trumpcare bill by any and all democratic means.”


Action 2: Stop Trumpcare With Your Stories

In meetings with our Senators’ staffersthey have told us many times that the most effective help we can give them as they fight is to send them personal stories abouthow our lives or our families’ livesmay be affected by Trumpcare. They repeated that request with special urgency after this week’s Tuesday “Resist Trump” rally.  

Such stories are ammunition our Senators can use as they persuade or push back on Republicans. Senatorial staff specifically request that we send these stories in writing, by e-mail, rather than through phone calls. If you don’t have a healthcare story yourself,  reach out to someone you know who uses Medicaid, someone with a pre-existing condition, someone who got affordable coverage through Obamacare, or someone who uses reproductive health services (hmm, maybe you do have a story of your own) and ask if you can tell their story.

For examples of effective healthcare stories, see these samples from Indivisible Kirkland Kenmore’s “Virtual Rally to Save Healthcare”:

Senator Maria Cantwell:

Senator Patty Murray:

Or e-mail her staffer Richard Lazaro:

Extra Credit Action:

Call the Republican “moderate” Senators who have been identified as possible “no” votes. (You called them yesterday? Great! Now call them again!)  For the latest list of “persuadable” Senators and their phone numbers, go to:

Or email your story to the same Senators’ healthcare staffers. Find the staffers’ names and e-mail addresses at:

Script: "I would like to ask that [MoC] do the right thing by voting “no” on Trumpcare. Voting no will literally save lives. (Include your own story)."

Our Covfefe is Working:  

Nearly 200 Democratic Members of Congress, including all Democrats in Washington State’s congressional delegation, joined in a suit arguing that Trump took gifts from foreign powers in violation of the Constitution.


Do you have ideas for a future call to action? E-mail