Defend affordable health care in Washington State, defend affordable health care for the U.S.

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It’s been a long week.  Senate Republicans refuse to let anyone - even their own party - look at what they are doing on the Health Care bill.  This is NOT how the system works, or how it has ever worked before.  Why?  Senate Republicans are afraid. They are afraid their own constituents, who will be hurt by this legislation, will rebel and vote them out of office.  

But we’ve seen good news this week, too.  Robert Mueller continues his investigation into Trump administration collusion with the Russian government. Senator Murray introduced the “No Hearings No Vote” Act to prevent the GOP from disallowing discussion of legislation on the Senate floor.  

Hang in there, Resisters!  We ARE making a difference.

ACTION 1:  Defend affordable health care insurance for the poor in Washington State.

Last week Premera announced it was dropping coverage in the two poorest counties in Washington State, leaving those counties with NO insurers under the ACA.  Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler reported that “a number of insurers, including Premera, have told him privately that Republican plans — particularly the failure to commit to federal subsidies for lower-income ACA customers — are driving uncertainty among insurers. “

As goes these two counties, so goes the United States.  Insurance companies should not be allowed to drop health insurance coverage just because people happen to live in rural, poorer locations.  Even though Kreidler and some Washington State lawmakers are attempting to find a workaround, but this would likely be much more costly for the people affected.  From the Seattle Times:

“If no insurer is available in a county, Kreidler said the only option under state law is coverage through the state’s high-risk pool. That would not come with subsidies, making insurance prohibitively expensive for some, he said.”

Today, call Speaker of the House Frank Chopp and tell him that even the poor need affordable health care.

Frank Chopp (Speaker of the House) - (360) 786-7920


“My name is [NAME] and I am calling to express my deep concern over the pullout of Premera from Klicktat and Grays Harbor counties.  The people of Washington State need affordable health insurance, and what’s to prevent Premera and other insurers from dropping other counties in the state?  We don’t all live in the cities, and many of us cannot afford non-subsidized health insurance in this state.  I am outraged at the Premera announcement.  I would like to ask you to consider legislation that would protect Washington State residents from excessive costs for health insurance.”

Bonus:  feel free to contact your own Wash. MOC to express your opinion.  Find your lawmaker here and click on the link to send your message by email:


Blame game begins as health insurers shun two Washington counties -

Danny Westneat:  “First to lost Obamacare?  The sickest county in the state” -

ACTION 2:  Defend affordable health care insurance for the U.S.

Our healthcare marathon continues until we can get our Senators to commit to more proactive legislative measures to fight a repeal vote. Indivisible Guide is recommending two wonky Senate techniques, 'withholding consent' and filibustering by amendment, which you can read more about here:

Senator Patty Murray:

DC - 202-224-2621
Seattle - 206-553-5545

Senator Maria Cantwell:

DC - 202-224-3441
Seattle - 206-220-6400



"My name is [name], and I’m calling from [city, zip]. I'd like to ask the Senator to commit to a Senate slowdown by withholding unanimous consent on all proceedings, and filibustering by amendment during the vote-a-rama, until there are public hearings and a CBO score on the Healthcare repeal bill."


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