Stories for State Department Programs, Local Education Funding

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Action 1: Submit a Story to Help our Senators defend State Department Programs

Are you a current or former foreign service officer? Have you ever benefited from a US Department of State exchange program? If so, we need your personal stories!

The proposed FY2018 budget will cut the State Department budget by 29% and the Fulbright program alone by 47%!

Seattle Indivisible member Iga Kozlowska is working on a project that will collect personal stories from Washingtonians about how State Department programs, like Fulbright or the Peace Corps, impacted them and why they are good for America.

We hope to put together a booklet of a dozen stories or so that the Senators can use down the road when they need specific examples of how State Department programs keep America safe and prosperous.

All that's required is a short (1or 2 paragraph) blurb of your story, your name, email, phone # and zip code. Your information will only be shared with the Senators' offices. Please circulate to anyone you know who (1) lives in Washington and (2) has in one way or another personally seen the benefits of the State Department's work. Submit stories to

Action 2: Fight for Education Funding at the Local Level

The fight over education funding in the Washington state legislature continues in special session, with Republicans refusing to adequately fund education in accordance with a court mandate. Washington's Paramount Duty has four suggested actions you can take this weekend, including simple emails you can send from your home, and weekend canvassing! Follow the link to take action:

Here is more background reading on the budget fight:

Good News:

"President Trump will not immediately eliminate protections for the so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as small children, according to new memorandums issued by the administration Thursday night."