You Can Help to Filibuster Trumpcare by Amendment

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Trumpcare is not dead, but tens of thousands of Americans will die from lack of health care every year if it is signed into law. The secret bill that Senate Republicans are creating is reported to be "meaner" than the unconscionable bill that squeaked through the House in May.

Democrats have very few tools to stop Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from ramming this bill through. Normally, a bill like this would need 60 Senators to vote for cloture to end debate and move to a regular 'up or down' vote, but McConnell knows this American-killing bill will never pass by the proper channels, and so he's going to try forcing it through via reconciliation, which means he only needs 50 votes. (VP Pence can cast a tie-breaking vote.)

Here's where you come into play: because of the weird procedure that 'Murder Mitch' is using, Democrats have the opportunity to grind this process to a halt. Reconciliation offers Senators the ability to FILIBUSTER BY AMENDMENT by offering an unlimited number of amendments. Of course, there's no way that our Democratic Senators (or their wildly overworked staffers) could write the thousands of amendments that will be necessary to stop this bill from reaching Trump's desk, which means that we're going to have to help our Senators out!

Today's action

Submit your name to create your own personalized amendment to be included in the Trumpcare bill. Furthermore, you can share your personal story to be included in the Congressional Record.

And please reply to share with us what you submitted.

Here's the amendment that I submitted:

"As an entrepreneurial American with a pre-existing condition working for a small software startup, I rely upon my ACA health insurance to ensure that I will not be bankrupted by unforeseen medical emergencies. If Trumpcare becomes law, I may have to leave my startup to work for a big company that can offer me insurance. This isn't the American dream, and it's not mine either. This hurts innovation and makes it harder for small businesses to compete for talented employees, further undermining the small business community that makes America so great. I don't want to be cut off from my entrepreneurial dreams because Republicans have decided to play politics with my health care.

Trumpcare will harm the American economy and undermine the American dream. Vote against this terrible bill."