Keep the Trumpcare Pressure On/Demand Police Accountability

Official Group Daily Action for Thursday June 22nd

Please log your actions here: and comment on this thread once you’re finished.

 “Nobody said this would be easy. We’re up against enormously powerful forces, cynically focused on dismantling democracy. But we have one thing on our side: the people are with us. The energy is with us. And the movement will be unstoppable.

Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg

Co-Executive Directors, Indivisible

Action 1: Increase the “Stop Trumpcare” pressure on key Republican Senators

Sometime today (Thursday) the Senate Republican leadership will grudgingly release its version of Trumpcare, and will then try to move it to a vote—with no hearings and minimal debate—next week. The bill will almost certainly include $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid, ripping health care from seniors, children, people with disabilities, and the poor. Senate Democrats are united against it, so if we move three Republican Senators to vote “no” we will beat it.

Wavering Republicans must hear from as many Trumpcare opponents as possible, even includingthose like us who live outside their states. According to the most recent press reports, the Republican Senators listed below are “least likely” to vote for the Trumpcare bill because they are concerned about such aggressive cuts to Medicaid and (in some cases) Planned Parenthood.  Call and tell them why these programs are important to you. Already called some of them? Great! Call them again!

Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia: (202) 224-6472


JeffFlake, Arizona: (202) 224-4521


Susan Collins, Maine:  (202) 224-2523

(Medicaid, Planned Parenthood)

Dean Heller, Nevada: (202) 224-6244


Lisa Murkowski, Alaska: (202) 224-6665

(Medicaid, Planned Parenthood)

Tom Cotton, Arkansas: (202) 224-2353


Script : “My name is [name]. I am callingto ask Senator [name] to please vote no on the AHCA because its cuts to [Medicaid and/or Planned Parenthood] will devastate the lives of millions of Americans. [add brief personal story if possible].”


Action 2: Demand Police Accountability in Washington State

In the wake of a series of tragic shootings by police, including the police killing of young mother Charleena Lyles here in Seattle last week, increased accountability for the use of deadly force by police officers is more urgent than ever. Yet under Washington State law no police officer can be convicted of a crime for using deadly force if she or he acted “without malice and with a good faith belief that such act is justifiable” a license to kill present in no other state code.  

De-escalate Washington is launching Initiative 940 to change the “malice” and “good faith” language and establish statewide standards for officer training in de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention.  They will need to collect 260,000 – 340,000 signatures statewide by the end of the year to get I-940 on the ballot. Volunteer to help gather signaturesat:


TONIGHT! Seattle Indivisible is having a get-together and introduction to our work for volunteers at Optimism Brewing on Capitol Hill on Thursday at 7PM! We'd love to see you there; please RSVP if you can make it:

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