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First, some GOOD NEWS: Senator Cantwell has joined other Democrats in promising to use 'every tool we have' to stop the healthcare repeal bill! This is just more evidence that our Senators listening to our calls for a bolder stance. Thank you to everyone who joined our call marathon these past weeks!

Action: Leave a Comment Against Union-Busters

Last year, the Obama administration tightened up the rules around disclosure of the use of union-busting firms and how much was spent on them. At issue was the statutory interpretation of the word "advice" with regard to attempts to "persuade" (i.e. pressure and coerce) employees not to join a union. Previously, union-busters had to make personal contact with union members in order to trigger the disclosure requirements - hold a meeting, for instance. The Obama administration tightened the definition of "advice" so that the printing and distribution of anti-union propaganda (including emails and websites) and training company employees to speak to other employees regarding the company's anti-union position also triggered disclosure.

Note that there is no requirement that stops companies from hiring union-busters or engaging in these activities. It simply requires them to disclose how much they are paying outside consultants to generate anti-union propaganda.

Unfortunately, a district court in Texas issued a permanent injunction against the Obama rule, so it was never implemented. However, an appellate court could change that ruling.

Now the Trump Administration has proposed rescinding the Obama rule - meaning that companies would not have to disclose how much they spend on anti-union propaganda, even if the Texas case is reversed on appeal.

This is where you come in. If you believe that it is important to know how much companies spend on union-busting, write a comment to the Department of Labor at the link below. Ideally, the Department of Labor will be inundated with comments.

Here's the link where you can comment:

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