Two New Ways to Fight for Healthcare! Don't Give Up!

Action 1: Ask Governor Inslee to co-sign a bipartisan governors’ letter opposing the secret GOP healthcare bill.

Governors have a vested interest in opposing the AHCA to preserve insurance coverage for residents of their state. A bipartisan group of governors (Republican governors of Ohio, Nevada, and Massachusetts; Democrat governors from Pennsylvania, Montana, Louisiana and Colorado) have already signed a letter calling for the Senate to take a bipartisan approach in fixing the nation's healthcare system. Continued push back from governors against the Senate Repubicans' secretive, undemocratic healthcare plan is crucial to protecting healthcare for millions of Americans.  Call on Jay Inslee to co-sign the letter urging senators to leave the ACA intact.

Governor Jay Inslee (360) 902-4111


Hi, my name is [NAME] from [CITY, ZIP].  I’m calling today because I’m extremely concerned about Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Many governors have already signed onto a bipartisan letter opposing these ACA repeal efforts--has Governor [NAME] co-signed this letter yet?

IF YES: I'd like to thank the governor for his advocacy and ask him to continue resisting ACA repeal efforts.

IF NO or DON'T KNOW: I ask that the governor consider co-signing this letter.  Thank you so much for taking my call.

Text of Letter -

5 Calls statement -


Action 2: Call on your Representative to forcefully oppose HR 1215, that leaves patients vulnerable to unsafe medical care.

Republicans in Congress are trying to pass a bill they’ve ironically called the “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017,” which will in fact “promote more unsafe medical care, more injuries and deaths from bad doctors and hospitals and…will increase the profits of the insurance industry.”

Call your congressperson and ask that they strongly oppose this dangerous bill.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal:

DC - 202-225-3106

Seattle - 206-674-0040

Rep. Adam Smith:

DC - 202-225-8901

Renton - 425-793-5180


My name is [NAME] calling from [CITY, ZIP].  I’m calling to ask Representative [NAME] to strongly oppose HR 1215, which will severely curtail the ability of patients and their families to hold health care providers accountable in court for harmful errors and abuses.  This will expose patients to greater risk.  

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