Final push to defend National Monuments, and learn about Impeachment

Action 1:  Prevent Trump from slashing national monuments and public lands.

The comment period for the Trump-ordered review of National Monuments closes in ten days (deadline:  July 9, 2017).  A LOT of people care about this - almost 450,000 comments have been posted to the comment website so far.  Sadly, earlier this month Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended reducing Bears Ears National Monument, which is a place held sacred by several American Indian tribes.  (The final decision will not be made until the full monument review is complete.)

No president has ever used his authority to reduce or eliminate a national monument (see the New York Times article below).  Our national monuments are under threat by the Trump administration, to line the pockets of private and corporate interests.

Did you know?
“. . . public lands like these Monuments enjoy broad public support both locally and nationally, and the ones that didn’t initially now favor Monument status by an overwhelming margin.” (from Modern Hiker, article below)

Which monuments should I comment on?

According to Modern Hiker, three monuments - Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Canyon of the Ancients - are the most-contested monuments, because they sit on fossil fuel resources.  BUT you should comment on whichever national monuments are important to you.  You can consider commenting on nearby monuments: in Washington State (Hanford Reach), or in the nearby Pacific Ocean (Marianas Trench, Northeast Canyons and Seamounts, Pacific Remote Islands, Papahanaumokuakea, Rose Atoll).  OR, consider commenting on what is important about public lands to the American People – for natural recreation, for being close to nature, for preserving natural beauty, for supporting native peoples’ connection to their ancestral lands.  These lands are owned by the American Public – YOU! -  not by oil and gas companies or corporate interests.

These monuments were not designated on a whim, or frivolously.  They were designated after much study and deliberation.  We should not allow the Trump administration to wreak havoc on our own public lands.

What should I say?

Write about whatever is important to you:

  • If you have had a personal visit that meant something to you
  • If you are concerned about preserving the cultural, spiritual, and economic rewards to the American People of the Antiquities Act
  • If public lands have affected your family or your business
  • If you want to support Native Peoples’ connection to ancestral lands
  • If you feel National Monuments reflect the best of our natural environment and should not be sacrificed to commercial interests

Add your comments! Click on “Comment Now!” at the top of the page:

List of National Monuments under review (scroll down to the bottom of the page)


“How to Comment on Trump’s National Monument Review” (includes a list per state) from Modern Hiker -

New York Times article on Zinke announcement and national monument background -


Action 2: Learn the basics of Impeachment.

Trump is under investigation for attempting to obstruct justice.  His staff is being investigated for being influenced by the Russian government.  In light of these developments, many of us have been asking questions regarding impeachment.  How does it start?  What is needed to bring it about?  What is the current thinking regarding this topic?

We just wrote a new blog post, “Impeachment 101.”  Take a look!  Right now, we’re not asking you to take any specific actions to contact lawmakers or government officials, but by understanding more about the process, you’ll be ready to ask the right questions and to make your opinion known to your lawmaker when results of the investigations are announced.

“Impeachment 101” Blog post:


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