Prepare for a Week of Town Halls

Good News:

Senator Maria Cantwell has finally scheduled town halls. To those of you who have been calling the senator and demanding this, and those who have been showing up at the Senator's office weekly during our rallies and office hours, thank you. You did this.

Action:  Register and Prepare for the town hall

Now that we have these town halls on the schedule, we need to show up. Let's show her we are engaged in the fight against the Trump Administration by turning out for these events! 

The town halls are free, but require tickets. You can get them at

Review the guidance from Indivisible on how to prepare for a town hall.

Think of a few questions that you want the Senator to answer. If you want to share your ideas, you can send them to

Don't forget:

Representative Pramila Jayapal will hold her 6th (!) town hall of the year on health care on Thursday, July 6, at 5:30 PM. To register for your free tickets, go to



Hooray! Senator Cantwell has scheduled three Town Hall meetings in Seattle during the month of July. On July 5th from 6-7:30PM, there will be a Town Hall dedicated to Healthcare at the University of Washington. On July 7th from 11AM-12:30PM, there will be a Town Hall dedicated to Net Neutrality at Town Hall Seattle. And on July 8th from 11AM-12:30PM there will be a general Town Hall on a variety of topics at TEC High School.

Tickets are free but REQUIRED to participate in these Town Halls, so reserve yours at

Thank you Senator Cantwell for listening to your constituents and scheduling these Town Hall meetings. And thank all of you members of Seattle Indivisible who called, emailed and joined in our meetings with senate staff for the past 5+ months, persisting calling for these open meetings where anyone and everyone can directly hear from and ask question of their elected representative, Senator Maria Cantwell. This is what Democracy looks like!