Keep the Healthcare Pressure On

Official Group Daily Action for Thursday July 13th

Please log your call here: and comment on this thread once you’re finished.

Mitch McConnell will unroll a new version (or versions) of Trumpcare sometime today and he plans a vote next week. He is making deals, bribing andthreatening fence-sitters, but the math is the same: All Democratic Senators (including ours) are united against the plan, so if three Republicans vote no, Trumpcare is defeated and Americans win. Today we continue to shore up Republican Senators who have said “no” to Trumpcare, and remind our own Senators to keep fighting.

Action 1: Thank Republican Senator Dean Heller for saying “No” to Trumpcare

Almost three weeks ago Nevada Senator Dean Heller announced that he would not support Senate Trumpcare bill “in its current form.”  He has voiced “serious concerns about the bill’s impact on Nevadans with Medicaid” and questions whether “it will protect Nevadans with pre-existing conditions.”  Heller, the most vulnerable Republican Senator, is under enormous pressure from Trump and the Republican Right to change his mind. Call him and thank him for his courageous position.

Senator Dean Heller (Nevada)  (202) 224-6244

Script: “My name is [Name] , I am calling to thank Senator Heller for his courage in taking a stand against the BCRA.  I urge him not to allow minor changes in the bill to alter his position. The cuts to Medicaid are still cruel and unacceptable. [add personal Medicaid story if possible].”

Bonus: Use this link to find your Facebook friends in Nevada and ask them to call Senator Heller:


Action 2: Ask our own Senators to keep fighting for access to healthcare

Senators Murray and Cantwell have asked us to keep calling in support of access to affordable healthcare. They use the number of calls they receive as evidence that public opinion is against Trumpcare. Even if you called yesterday, call again today to thank them and urge them to use all possible means to oppose the bill.

Senator Maria Cantwell:

DC - 202-224-3441

Seattle - 206-220-6400

Senator Patty Murray:

DC - 202-224-2621

Seattle - 206-553-5545

Script: “My name is [Name] and I am calling from [Zip] . I am calling to thank Senator [Name] for her leadership in opposing Trumpcare. We know that whatever cosmetic changes the Republican leadership makes to the bill, it remains an unacceptable assault on Americans’ access to healthcare. Ask her to use every possible tool--including withholding consent and filibuster by amendment--and tell her that her constituents will have her back.”

See Patty Murray’s recent speech on the Senate floor using our stories to make the case against Trumpcare:

Reminder!  Ballots will begin arriving in the mail this week for crucial state and local races. Vote!

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