Save Marine Sanctuaries From Oil and Gas Drilling

ACTION:  Defend Marine Sanctuaries from Trump's Attacks

Donald Trump plans to open up 11 marine sanctuaries to oil drilling...unless we can stop it. You can add your voice to the defense of these marine sanctuaries.  Visit the page below and click on the SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT button:

Sample Comment:

"Destroying our environment doesn't put "America First," it makes America dead last. Protect these fragile marine life habitats in order to prove that you really do put America first."

We've won before, and can win again! Senator Cantwell announced this week that we were able to protect the Hanford Reach National Monument. We can and must do the same for these fragile wildlife habitats.

Time is running short to add your voice in defense of these marine sanctuaries. The deadline is July 26, 2017, only 12 days away. Add your comments now, at


"A 27 June congressional hearing highlighted concerns about designations and expansions of these areas and the need to protect them. The 11 sanctuaries and monuments under review include the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and others in California, as well as protected areas in Hawaii, American Samoa, Michigan, and elsewhere." -

"Senator Maria Cantwell says Hanford Reach no longer under federal review"  -


The Washington Post reports that Republican governors are lobbying against the GOP Health Care bill - "Senate Democrats have identified potential new allies in their effort to scuttle the current health-care proposal: Republican governors, particularly those who helped expand Medicaid in their states under the Affordable Care Act.  Sen. Thomas R. Carper (Del.), who is leading the effort with the support of fellow Democrats, called 'a couple dozen' senators and governors from both parties over the recess, he said in an interview, to say 'this is a good time for us to hit the pause button in the Senate, and step back and have some good heart-to-heart conversations' about how to revise the 2010 law."


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