Keep air traffic control public and vote!

Action 1: Keep air traffic control public

A bill has been unveiled in the House implementing Trump’s proposal to privatize air traffic control. While the bill faces a competing Senate bill in which the Federal Aviation Administration retains authority over air traffic control, it is unclear which bill will prevail. Privatization could open the door for undue influence from large airlines.

Write to your congresspeople to oppose privatization. The Experimental Aircraft Association has a helpful webpage that selects your officials and gives you a script:


Action 2: Vote!

Remember to vote in the upcoming primary! Ballots must be postmarked or returned to a ballot drop box by August 1.


DON'T FORGET these two great events this Sunday, we hope you can make one of them:

Sunday, 4:00pm at Centilia Cultural Center: Divas Take America - a drag carnival fundraiser for Seattle Indivisible and Washington's Paramount Duty:

Sunday, 4:30pm at Pine Box: Vouch For Yourself - hear from Seattle city council candidates and learn how to fill out your democracy vouchers!


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