TrumpCare is dead, for now. Prepare for the next round.

Action 1: Show Solidarity with Indivisibles in Kansas

Topher Spiro, one of our favorite progressive voices in the fight against Trumpcare, tweeted last night about the amazing work that Indivisibles in Kansas (among others) did to flip Senator Moran to a 'No' vote in the Senate. Without the tireless efforts of our friends in Kansas, we could very well have seen Trumpcare signed into law as soon as next week. Let's tell our Kansas friends just how much their work means to us. Here are two of the key Indivisible groups that literally stopped Trumpcare. Send them a message on Facebook, and tell them why their labor means so much to you.

Indivisible KC:

Indivisible LFK:


Topher's tweet:

Action 2: Vote

The next election is coming up August 1. Show the world what democracy looks like, and make your voice heard. Ballots must be postmarked or returned to a ballot dropbox by August 1.

Action 3: Recharge the Resistance, sign up for our BBQ

Seattle Indivisible is hosting a barbecue this Saturday, July 22, from 1pm-4pm at Seven Hills Park at 1514 Howell St. Come by to meet your fellow resisters. The new regional organizer from Indivisible for Washington state, Melissa Shohet, will be in attendance.

Sign up to bring something here:

ACTION 3a: Indivisible WA 8th District town hall

Indivisible WA 8th District is hosting a town hall in Auburn from 3-5 pm on Saturday, as well, except that because Rep. Dave Reichert will not meet with his constituents, Rep. Pramila Jayapal from the 7th district will be attending. More information and tickets here: