Keep Fighting Trumpcare and Save our Democracy!

Action 1: Help arm Democrat Senators with amendments that will help them fight Trumpcare!

Reminder: Help Us Reach 1,000 Constituent Amendments!

Trumpcare isn’t dead and at some point soon our Democratic Senators may need to pull out all the stops to stop it from passing. One thing that they can do is filibuster by amendment, meaning they could delay a vote by proposing endless amendments to the bill. But this only works if they have endless amendments to propose!

With this in mind, we at Seattle Indivisible want to generate 1,000 amendments for our Senators by July 10. Help us get there! Go to, submit your amendment, and then send the pdf to with the subject line “Amendment”. And feel free to do more than one!

Action 2: Ask Republican’s to join the task force to protect our elections!

From The Hill: “They hacked our democracy. …Unless we act, they will do it again,” said Nancy Pelosi

Democrats, frustrated by Republican leaders’ refusal to stage hearings into Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections in either the Homeland Security or Administrative committees, the two panels that have juristictiion over the issue, have started a task force that they hope will produce a report that “can become the basis for legislation” to protect the 2018 elections.

In honor of our nation’s Independence Day, call any Republican Congresspeople you’d like and ask that they commit to protecting the sovereignty of our country’s elections.  


I’m very concerned about recent reports that hackers targeted election systems in 21 states.  In honor of our country’s Independence Day, I want to urge Representative [name] to join the task force started to prevent election interference in the future. Our democracy will not survive if we cannot rely on the sanctity of our elections.