Indivisible Save ACA Phonebank - Ohio (Senator Portman) and Vote in the Primary Election before August 1

Please log your call here:

Action 1:  Indivisible Save ACA Phonebank - Ohio (Senator Portman).

Reach out to Senator Portman's constituents in Ohio, and encourage them to call and ask Senator Portman to vote NO on the Republican plans to repeal the ACA. Many of us have been looking for ways we can have more impact on Republican representatives, and this is a new tool for doing just that. Let's give it a try!

Phone-banking doesn't have to be a big time commitment. You can set up Open Virtual Phone Bank (from the link below) in about 1 minute. Making one of these calls won't take longer than calling your Senator, and you won't have to wait on hold.  

If you only have time for one call, make that one call. If you have time for more calls, GREAT! Make more calls.
Virtual Phone Bank
VPB Link:     
If prompted for a code: D41B22Q-4779
Virtual Phone Bank is a website that manages the details of phone banking by providing scripts, phone numbers, and a way to record your results. Once you're set up, you'll see a page with a person's name and phone number, and a script of what to say. After you talk to them, there's a place to mark down their commitment to call Senator Portman.


  1. If you’ve never used the VPB site before, click Login then Create Action Id to create an account.
  2.  Don’t leave voice mails.
  3. If they say they’ve already called, great! Ask them to commit to calling again.
  4. If they ask why you’re calling from out-of-state, tell them you are calling from Seattle because this issue is so important to all Americans.
  5. The script is a guideline, but feel free to use your own words to express the same thing. Authentic conversations are the most productive.
  6. If someone else answers the phone and your target person isn’t there, feel free to ask if they are a registered voter and have a conversation. If they commit to calling, go ahead and log the call in the online form.

Extra Credit

Make a second (or 10th) phone bank call!

Action 2: VOTE!

Ballots are due August 1. You can still register in person until July 24 (Monday).
Every election matters. This one includes King County Prop. 1, Sales Tax for Cultural Access, King County Commissioner, State House and Senate, Seattle Mayor, City Council, and Port Commissioner, and more. All of these people have a role to play in protecting us from the dangerous policies coming from the other Washington. 

Learn more about this Primary Election at